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Optic Matter is pleased to offer a no-cost site photo survey to support the planning of your development project. This offer is specifically designed for property developers in the South East of England, aiming to construct three or more dwellings.


Key Benefits of Our Site Photo Survey:

  • Precision Planning: Leverage detailed aerial photographs for accurate site analysis and planning.
  • Strategic Insight: Gain critical insights to inform decision-making, optimise development potential, and mitigate planning risks.
  • Objective Focus: High-resolution imagery helps you plan with the full picture.
Offer Details:

This service is provided at no cost to eligible projects in the East of England, offering valuable perspectives that drive informed, strategic decisions. We are implementing a “try before you buy” approach, providing you the opportunity to assess the value of our services to your project. This enables a risk-free evaluation, ensuring that our service aligns with your development goals and standards.

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If your project meets the criteria, we invite you to book your complimentary site photo survey with us today.

Our service offers straightforward aerial survey photography in Essex, tailored for property developers and builders seeking high-quality aerial photos of their projects. This service focuses solely on delivering clear, detailed photographs from an aerial perspective, providing an essential visual tool for project presentation and marketing materials. Our objective is to supply our clients with a simple yet powerful means to enhance their project’s visibility and appeal without the complexities of topographical data or advanced mapping.

Register today for our aerial survey photography service in Essex and receive a complimentary aerial photo for any site within the region. This exclusive offer is designed to introduce property developers and builders to the advantages of high-quality aerial imagery, enhancing their project’s presentation and marketability.

Take this opportunity to experience the benefits of aerial photography at no initial cost, showcasing your development’s potential from a unique perspective.

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