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Picking a slogan can be a challenging part of the process and can take a lot of thought and planning. 

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A good slogan can inform a lot of your strategy. For example the slogan “Unlocking the Door to Your Dreams.” could influence graphic design elements and art direction for the campaign. 

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Interesting fact...

The frequent change of advertisements in Times Square is primarily driven by the desire to capture and maintain people’s attention.

Times Square is one of the most iconic and bustling commercial areas in the world, attracting millions of visitors each year. With so much visual stimulation and competition for attention, advertisers understand that they need to continuously refresh their ads to stand out and engage their audience.

Avoid Banner Blindness

By changing advertisements frequently, advertisers can:

Maintain Relevance: Times Square is known for its dynamic and ever-evolving atmosphere. Advertisers want their messages to stay current and align with the latest trends, seasons, or promotions.

Avoid Banner Blindness: People can become desensitized to static ads if they see the same content repeatedly. Fresh and eye-catching ads are more likely to grab attention.

Maximize Impact: Limited exposure time means that advertisers need to make a strong impression quickly. Changing ads allows them to experiment with different creative approaches and messages to find what resonates best.